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I know I'm overweight, probably into obese, but I also know that a healthy weight for me is above what the BMI charts say (and there's also a rant about how BMI is inexact and in some instances dangerous non-science, and how most fit people are above their BMI, that women should be on the higher side not the lower and that being under is much more dangerous than over, by significant amounts) but I decided to give myself some incentive by doing a Universal Class module on weight management.
I hate my current weight, I want not to look in the mirror and shudder at what I see, I want to fit back into some of the nice clothes waiting in my wardrobe, to not have to buy more, to not bulge under and over my belt, to feel better in my body.
I do not need to be told that my weight costs me and the economy; that I'm a drain on my workplace because I am more prone to illnesses; to write essays about how these things are true and to build more guilt in my head. I have enough self-hate without this, I'm going to drop out and do something more useful for my mental health, like flower arranging.
I have been referred to a pain management specialist, for the hip/back pain, after having the second injection into my shoulder, which will hopefully be more successful than the first, but was not comfortable or easy. Ah well, extra day off after the week and a bit off.
I have to find a way to lose weight that motivates me, rather than encourages me to comfort eat my body weight in junk.
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Lazy Sunday Afternoon

In Ireland it's a bank holiday weekend, I've spent today resting and relaxing, watching a lot of Fringe, spending only about 80 minutes in the sun, and 20 minutes of that without sun screen. I have to get the vitamin d in my system, it's been running too low over the last while. Well Ireland and vitamin d aren't great bedfellows.

I pinned out my latest shawl and it looks well the only problem was that it was almost dry before I had finished.

Another day left and only 6 episodes of Fringe left of season 4, it has to go back to work. We're also working through the Monocled Mutineer, which is being shown on Forces TV, which Mac is addicted to. It's interesting but I do know it's of questionable historiography.

Tomorrow I should get some cross stitch done.
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I won tickets for Bloom and Mac's only day off this weekend was friday so we went after I was on a half day. Mac ra1n through one of the tents so fast I barely could see anything and I got quite annoyed. Still it was interesting. Even if there was several dead ATMs. I spent my birthday money well and enjoyably. Managed to avoid buying a lot of food as a lot of it is available in shops and even with special discounts we have a lot of food in the house at the moment. I did take some cards to make sure I follow some of the companies again.
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So it's my last day as 45 and I'm not sure what to think. Years just seem to be running away with themselves and I'm not sure that I have much to show for it.

Sometimes birthdays are mad for making you think about life.
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So I've been using the Google Calendar features to try to remind me that I need to do a variety of stuff, though sometimes it's a bit of a stressy nag.

I discovered that it translated older reminders into full day reminders which then cancelled everything else on that day, which was irritating, I fixed it by playing with google contacts, now they're proper birthdays, even if I did have to create some contacts that contained nothing but a name and a birthday.

This week started out with a lot of other stuff, including an annual report that I've been ignoring or being interrupted by more urgent stuff. Now it continues with Jury Duty. I got selected for a jury and have a case that will possibly take 5 or more days. Interesting to see our justice system at work.
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I've had Physiotherapy for a while since the accident every second week or so, on my days off, and I had some today.

And he hit some spots, both on my shoulder and on my ass, I have referred pain into my hip and oh man it continued painful. What's worse is that the shoulder was supposed to be sorted by an injection, but it's still sore, and it's my dominant hand, it's stressing me out. I'm meeting with the specialist next month and I fear it will be not one but two injections, one into my spine. Yeah, that sounds like fun.

So today I'm slightly cranky from pain and annoyance and I'm surviving with the help of painkillers.
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To sleep, perchance to dream

Oh man today was a day on automatic. I woke at 6:15 ish and the lights in the room from across the hall, because elder cat doesn't do subtle when he enters the room, little cat does, but elder shoulders the door out of the way and the light was bright, too bright to really sleep until just before the alarm clock went off. Oh man I was tired. And the weather is changing, so I'm headachy and miserable.

Our new library management system disliked us today and was recalcitrant all day, which didn't help my productivity either.

We picked up dinner from M&S who are helpfully doing a dinner for 2 for €14. We picked it up and have indulged, though tomorrow I get to dissect the carcass and use it. A job I'm not terribly fond of, but I'm better at it than himself.

Watching Game of Thrones off the player, enjoyable.
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Today had a few highs and a few lows. There was going to Blanchardstown and some shopping and eating in Wagamamas, which sadly has fewer options for me now, which places it into my "could go with friends" but not a place to regular go to for food.

I got a pair of boots reheeled, a pair of sandals fixed and one sandal had a replaced stud, which had been sitting waiting for me to fix them for ages. I know that the boots are on their way out but the cobbler fixing it gives me, hopefully, until I can buy new ones when they're in the shops again. Particularly boots that will fit my broad feet and can take the [insert swear words here] insoles. A combination that is not fun. And I'm looking at a possible bunion as well on one of my feet, I don't treat them badly, what is their problem.

Mac ate heartily at Wagamamas, so there was snacking this evening, I should have bought some salad in Aldi, where I got some of their Lé Mara stuff which is made by the Rí na Mara folks and are quarter the price if not less.

I washed the garden chairs, and I got the dirt all over my legs. It was pretty eugh, but we got some spray treatment for them in Aldi too and Mac is going to do that bit (why do I feel like he got the easier part!) I had a shower and had to scrub to get the crud off.
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Knitting and socialising

So yesterday after work I went to a knitting event in The Constant Knitter where I was very nervous and talked a bit too much and lost the train of thought a few more times and fangirled a bit over Cat Bordhi and Kieran Foley (and told Kieran that I was in awe of his mad skilz) and networked a bit and had a lot of fun, which made up for failing to meet up with people on Thursday.

I didn't mean to shop but while I brought a Cat Bordhi book, and wore a pair of socks I had knit from them, I forgot my own knitting, so I bought needles, yarn (maybe a few more than I needed but they were on sale and purple and shush) and some stitch markers and while I was there completed a toe of another pattern she suggested, well when you have the author sitting there suggesting it and admiring your knitting, what are you going to do.

This year I will try to connect, I will try to maintain some social contact and I will go to things that scare me a little, I'm out of practice with people that I don't work with and my social anxiety is making me twitchy, I'm calling it social anxiety, it's not diagnosed but I have issues with dealing with people and places and things and my brain can get all self-defeating and want to flee and augh.

I'm not going to overstain myself but I need to have more people in my life, more often, that speak other languages other than librarian.
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Moycullen is where I'm from, and I'd always known about the raids on the local co-op, then I read The Black and Tans by D.M. Leeson where he argues that all of Ireland underwent the Stanford Prison Experiment with the Tans as the Prison wardens.

There was an interesting piece about it, p 48

"...on Monday, 19 October, a mixed force of soldiers and Auxiliaries raided the cooperative society store at Moycullen. The store's manager, Lawrence Tallon, and his four male employees were told to put up their hands, and then were taken outside to stand against the side of a corrugated-iron hut. Tallon described the Auxiliaries as 'several men who were not in any regular uniform, but were a mixed lot. Some had police caps and portions of police uniform, and some had not.' Their leader work khaki breeches, a blue guernsey and a knitted blue tam-o'-shanter, held a revolved in one hand, and a whip in the other. Speaking with an English accent, he questioned one of Tallon's assistants, Macdonagh. When Macdonagh said he knew nothing about [Patrick] Joyce's kidnapping, the Auxiliary leader hit him in the face with his revolver.
'On my honour,' cried Macdonagh, 'I know nothing of the man. I have heard of him, that is all.'
'Well,' said the Auxiliary officer, we will make you know something.'
The police pulled Macdonagh's trousers down and whipped him. Then they treated a second man, Tim Connor, in the same way. When the manager protested that his assistants were innocent, he was threatened with a bayonet and told to go back inside. As Tallon turned to go back to the store, and Auxiliary pointed a shotgun at him. Tallon got his left hand up before the gun went off, and was wounded in the left arm and the left side of the neck. He stumbled back inside, where he found his female employees kneeling in prayer, terrified. Shortly thereafter, the police outside began shooting at the store, and kept firing their shotguns and rifles until their magazines were empty. (38)"
38 : Manchester Guardian, 22 October 1920, 9; The Times, 22 October 1920, 12; Connacht Tribune, 23 October 1920, 5.

Information about reprisals are in a large bound volume preserved at the National Archives of the UK, the register of Crime for the Province of Connaught - for researching it further.

The report of the Labour Commission listed 43 cases in which co-operative creameries and other socities were destroyed or damaged by the security forces, including the raid in the Moycullen co-op in Galway's West Riding on 18 October 1920 (sic)

"...murder...district councillor John Geoghegan, at Moycullen on 20 February 1921." p 189

Family legend says that the co-op was raided twice and it would probably be useful to check the 1921 date to see if there's further information in the UK National Archives info, my grandfather was one of the founders of this, along with a Colonel Kilkelly (whose son died in World War II) and others. After the raids the insurance company (who are still around and major players) refused to pay out on the grounds that it was an "act of war". This lead to my grandfather having to sign over the land to his wife and declaring bankrupacy which put paid to him possibly being involved in Irish politics, which appeared to be what he was planning, having been involved in the Poor Law Union, Old IRA (where he refused to rise because he didn't believe in pikes against guns); GAA and Conradh na Gaeilge, among other interests.  The bankrupcy was still being paid off in several households around the village well into the 50s. It basically ensured that Moycullen remained a backwater until it started filling with commuters.

Grandad Padraig Thornton aka Padraig O'Droighneain died in 1969, before I was born, it's funny sometimes to find him in historic documents.